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After the addition of the 3 Mice game, we're positive that the Cloud Games category of our website is about to get even bigger and better than it already was, and we're sure that everyone here is going to greatly enjoy this game, an adventure and platform game at the same time which we've really loved from beginning to end, so there's no doubt in our minds that you're going to love it also, or we would not have shared it with you. In case you want to know how it works, reading this to the end is going to be everything you need to do. The three mice are all controlled by you at the same time by using the right and left arrows, so you need to be careful what you do and how, because if even one of the mice falls into the pit then you lose the game for all three of them, simple as that. You need to move the mice through the platforms and go down with them from one to another, while also avoiding any traps and spikes that you encounter, because you also lose because of them. The more you advance down, the more points you get, since this is similar to endless running games. How deep do you think you can go? There will be blocks that are meant to stand in your way or sometimes help you not fall down, and you also need to be careful of the moving platforms so that you fall on them at the right time. It is all as simple as that, so we're wishing you all good luck, and don't stop here since there are more new games we've added here today that we would love if you were to give a chance to!


Use the mouse.


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