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Today will be the day when we offer you a bunch of new and very interesting puzzle games and arcade games to enjoy here free of charge, one more interesting than the other, and we're absolutely positive that right now you're going to greatly enjoy the first one, a game called Box Blast where each and every one of us has had a tremendous time from beginning to end, just like we expect each and every one of you to have as well, or we would not have shared it with you! Let's explain how it works right now so you can start the fun at once! The target that you have to hit in each level is comprised out of multiple little boxes that are situated in different parts of the screen, with the map of each level being different and having different shapes. You're going to have a box that is empty on the inside, and it is that box that you need to hit with the mouse. If you click on the right part of it, the box will jump to the left, and if you hit it on the bottom, it jumps to the top. Of course, this works vice-versa as well. Tap on the box so that you blast it away and make it hit the set of squares, and if you hit them and destroy them, you will have cleared the level, simple as that. Look at the map, and then figure out the best way that you could hit the box and blast it so that you reach your goal, and this way try to clear one level after another until you finish them all and have won this fun and amazing game we recommend everyone!


Use the mouse.


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