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Combinations of puzzle games with skill games always end up being a lot of fun, so count on us to be excited that right now we have shared with everyone here a new and fun game such as Fire Glow, an arcade game for the ages with no less than four different modes where you can play and have fun, and we know that from our own experience with the game, which we can tell you were awesome from start to finish, just like it will be for you. In case you want to learn what to do and how, why don't you read this to the end? The main goal that you have is to use the glowing dot at the bottom that will have a certain color to hit the segments of the same color that are rotating around a circle at the top in order to clear each level. Of course, no matter the type of game you play, hitting segments of a different color costs you the game. The first mode that you can play is the classic one, where you simply click to throw the dots at the segments and eliminate all those of the same color. In the elimination mode, as you're taking out segments you see that new ones get added, and you need to keep removing them up until the level is cleared. For the expanded mode, when eliminating segments you will see that new ones get added, and they become bigger, which makes them an easier target, but you have more to eliminate until the level is done. In the final one, the mode called 'origin', you have the dot rotating around the circle with the segments at the same time, and it is next to them, so find the right moment to click and throw it at the segments to clear them out. Good luck to you, no matter how you're playing, and stick around for all the cool new games of the day, only here!


Use the mouse.


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