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We really love to return to the Io Games category of our website, and for that very reason we have now shared with everyone here the game called Sketchful io, a new multiplayer game that is going to offer you a fresh and interesting experience, since it is not that often that you get to find and play multiplayer drawing games, or sketching games as they can also be called, with this also being one of the newest guessing games here, so you have all of the ingredients to make the experience of this game a fresh and interesting one from beginning to end, just like it has been for us all. To start things off you will need to choose the name you want to be known as, and from the left, you get to customize your character, as you will choose the hat, the shape of the eyes and the mouth of the character, as well as its skin color. You can create a custom room, where you invite specific friends of yours to play with one another, there is also a practice room for you to improve your skills in, but if you simply want to start competing against players, hit the Play button and you will be taken to a new room. Taking turns players are going to either sketch or draw. When sketching, the game tells you what to sketch, and you use the tools and colors to draw it on the blank piece of paper, with the other players having to guess what it is before the time goes out. The first one to guess wins that round, so give it your all to win as many rounds as possible and more than the players you are up against. Good luck, and when you're done, don't forget that we have plenty more new and awesome multiplayer games waiting for you here!


Use the mouse.


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