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Since we know very well that children love to play board games online, even more so when they are also 4 player games at the same time, which is what you get the chance to experience right at this moment, when we invite each and every one of you to check out and enjoy the new and awesome game of our website called Game of Goose, one of the best new multiplayer board games online of our website, also a game that is inspired by snakes and ladders games that so many kids from all over the world love, so they will love this one too. When you start you have to choose how many of you are playing. You can play by yourself against three players controlled by the computer, but you can also play against real people, up to three for a total of 4 players. Each player will be able to choose their duck avatar, and their piece will have a different visual representation. You're going to then take turns, and each of you will throw the dice. The number on the dice is going to represent the number of tiles you move on the board, and the goal of each player is that of getting the first one to the end of the road. Some tiles on which you land give you extra forward moves, while some of them will turn you back, so this game relies a lot on luck, something we hope you all have. Enjoy this terrific game right now, and don't stop here, since we're sure that you're up for even more of our cool content since this day is filled with one cool game after the other!


Use the mouse.


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