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Henry Danger Games is one of our current best categories of Nickelodeon Games, so of course, we would be very happy that right at this moment we could share with each and every one of you a new and terrific game such as Day of Danger, a game unlike we believe most of you have played here before, where Henry has a few missions that he needs your help in accomplishing, such as rescuing Piper, deal with the problem of a computer virus, to stop a nuclear bomb from going off, and plenty more adventures. Let's see what a few of them are about, so you can start having fun here right away! First of all, know that you move Henry around using the four directional arrow keys, and you attack by pressing the spacebar. You need to collect things such as tools, potions, coins, candy, or music discs, but avoid or attack things such as dinosaurs, crazy birds, the hazmat suits people, or the villains all in green. You have a button that shows you all the missions you need to complete, and a map button that can show you your surroundings. Complete all of the tasks in the right order. With Henry you move around, explore, and try to make your missions with this game being more of an open-world game than a linear story adventure game, so also try to explore the world around and try to find all sorts of secrets that are going to help you. Good luck in your superhero adventure, and don't stop here, since we would love for you to check out on even more of our awesome new games of the day, one cooler than the other!


Use the arrows, spacebar.


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