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It really is not every day that here you can find and play horse racing games online, so you must imagine we are very glad we could now share with everyone the new and exciting game called Horse Racing Derby Quest, a great and terrific new game with horses where you get to race on one cool track after another, an experience that all members of our administrative team really loved, so we have no doubt at all in our minds that the same will be true for you. Let's see how you take part in the derby so that you give it your best from the start! The first race you take part in is a time trial one, where you try to reach the finish line with your horsey as fast as possible since you're being timed. For the next race you are competing against another horse, and for the following races you take part in the number of opponents can become bigger, making the races more exciting. To race, you have a meter showing blue, green, and red. When the meter is in the blue area, or the green, which is the best place to be, hit the speed bottom on the right to get more of it, and if you time your clicks right you will be doing a great job and get ahead of the others. You have to shift gears as well as possible so that you are always one step ahead! Winning races earns you coins in reward, and you can later use those coins in the stable, where you get to buy and mount faster horses, since you will need them as the game progresses and you get bigger opponents. Start now, enjoy, and don't leave, since we've got even more great content to share with you, all of it awesome!


Use the mouse.


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