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After seeing how much you loved previous doctor games online brought forward by our team today for all of you, we thought we would share with everyone right now a more special kind of hospital game since we're talking about the game called Ellie Toddler Vaccines. It is very important for children to get vaccinated because if they get their shots they will be able to prevent diseases that can cause them harm, which is why Ellie is now in the doctor's office with her baby, waiting to get her injections, which is what you will be helping her with, just after you learn how by reading this article to the end. You start out by taking the pulse of the child, and then you give her an important pill which she will swallow after you give her the cup of water. Take the temperature of your patient, and then give her the shot from the green syringe, after which you spray her with rubbing alcohol to disinfect, after which you also put two bandages on where the shot has been given. You do this in this exact same order for her hand, but then you give her another shot, in the same manner, only it is purple, and you take it in the leg. Start right now, and don't stop here, since we would hate if you were to miss out on any of the other awesome new games of the day!


Use the mouse.


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