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Another new category of games based on a show from Nickelodeon we have added today for all of you, and that is the category called All In with Cam Newton Games, which is based on another Nick show which features a celebrity athlete, this time Cam Newton, a footballer, who in his show helps kids achieve his dreams, by providing help, guidance, and encouragement. Well, we knew that there were now games based on the show available at the moment, which is why we could not ressist the temptation of creating one ourselves, which is what we have done now, and the result is this game, called All In with Cam Newton Puzzle Mania, which we invite each and everyone of you to play! In puzzle mania games, you have three puzzles to solve, each with a different picture, a different number of pieces, but they all have rectangular-shaped pieces, and they are all solved in the same way. How? Well, you will click and hold on a piece in order to move it, as you have to put it over the transparent image where it matches it. It's as simple as that. We invite you to play this original game right now, and see for yourself how much fun you can have!


Use the mouse.

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