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Our amazing category of Fancy Nancy Games from Disney Junior is about to get even better right this instant, because for you all we have added the game called Mind Your Manners Tea Party, which is the newest on the internet to feature these characters, a game unlike you have ever experienced here before, so precisely for that reason we knew that sharing the game right now and here with you was the right call to make, and none of you trying out this game will regret it. Nancy loves tea parties, as all fancy girls do, so she invites a few of her friends over for one, and to prepare for their arrival you will first pick the design and color that the tablecloth will have so that it is as cute and fancy as possible. When your friends arrive, make sure to open the door for each so they can enter. Each of the friends will also bring sweets and food, such as pie, which you will start by cutting into pieces. After pouring some tea for all three girls, serve them each a piece of pie, all of these things being done by dragging them around the table with the mouse. There will also be lemonade at the party, as well as other kinds of cake and sweets. When the girls ask you for something, you are tasked with serving the food or drinks to them as fast as possible, because if they wait too much they get sad. Through the game, you will both have fun, and learn about the manners at a tea party, or a regular party also since it is important how you behave. Have the best time possible with Fancy Nancy right now, and stick around if you want to try out more of our amazing games as well!


Use the mouse.


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