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Miruna is a girl who really loves pet, and she loves them so much that she would gladly become a veterinarian doctor to treat them when they have injuries, but that will not be necessary since this game is here, a game called Miruna's Adventure: Vet, where you get to play the role of animal doctor and treat her pet cat, helping Miruna out no matter what comes up with the pets she loves so much. Before she can be a vet she needs to look the act also, so she will be dressed up as a doctor by you, first, where you pick the outfits, the socks, as well as the cap, and only then you start taking care of the cat. Take out all the sticks in the fur of the cat, get rid of the mice, remove the splinters still stuck in, apply some cream on the scratches, and finish off by brushing the hair of the cat. Next, as a kind of break, you will be playing a game of bubble shooting, where you use the mouse to shoot bubbles on those on top in order to form or hit groups of three identical bubbles until the screen is clear of them all. For the fourth level, just like you did with Miruna earlier, you're now going to dress up the cat itself in a doctor's outfit, so that they match. The final level of the game consists of a skill game, where you move the cat left and right with the arrows, and you do it so that you grab as much of the falling food as possible, but make sure not to grab anything else, since you lose a life each time, and losing all three lives means you lose the level. Have fun, enjoy, and leave nowhere, since we've got plenty more great games for you to enjoy here all day long!


Use the mouse.


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