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Even unicorns fall in love and the unicorn featured in the game called Unicorns Date Adventure is going on an adventure with her crush, an event she wants to be as prepared as possible, so that she is going to impress him, and, who knows, maybe they are going to form a couple afterward, and even that you will also be very happy about, considering that you will help with all of the preparations for this awesome date. Let's see how this game with unicorns works, so you can start having fun with it immediately, only here! Even the unicorn needs makeup, which is what you do first, applying the cosmetics such as the eye-shadow, you will style its eyebrows, and put some blush on its cheeks. You will then have a second level where you pick the color of the unicorn's hair, you will pick a cute chocker for her neck, add accessories such as jewelry, and you can even pick a tattoo for the unicorn to have on her skin. You will give a gift to your date, in the form of some roller skates, so you're going to decorate them by picking the design as well as the colors, adding prints such as a lightning bolt, a rainbow, some sparkly stars, wings, and even more. After playing on the skates to test them, the unicorn got injured, so apply some cream and bandages over the wounds, after which it will be able to go the date, where the two unicorns will fall in love! Enjoy this game a lot right now, and don't stop here, since we're positive that all of you are up for more fun, fun like only here is possible to have!


Use the mouse.


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