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Cooking games is a category of ours about to get even better since right now you get to play Rainbow Unicorn Cake Cooking in it, a game where you're going to bake a cake that has an unicorn in the colors of the rainbow, meaning that the cake will also be colorful, and you can trust us when we say that it will also be delicious, and the girl in this game is going to be very happy if you help her cook and bake it right now! If you've never cooked cakes online, worry not, since you can find out how you can do it by reading this article to the end, which takes you through the whole process! In the first part of the game, you go to the supermarket to purchase the necessary ingredients, such as sugar, baking powder, flour, milk, two eggs, some salt, a bar of cheese, as well as oil. After putting everything in the basket, scan them, put them in the bag, and then pay with the card. The kitchen will then need to be cleaned up. Throw the paper and cans in the trash, remove certain items and put them on a tray, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, use the liquid soap and the mop to wipe the floor, spray and brush the furniture, and do the same for the walls and fridge. You will then assemble a mechanic handpiece by piece using the screws and oil. For the cooking part, mix all the ingredients, blend them together, add them to each shape so that you get two levels for the cake, and then bake them in the oven. Put one layer on top of the other, and then apply the rainbow cream over the cake, and place a unicorn horn on top, as decoration. You can then decorate the layers, colors of the creams, as well as the horns on the top by using the buttons on the left, and you can also add candy, unicorn stickers, and other colorful details to the cake. Have fun cooking, and tell your friends about this game also, if they've not played it already!


Use the mouse.


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