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Hazel and Mom's Recipes Games have been some of the best cooking games with Baby Hazel our website has had, and they are a great compliment to the games you are used to here, as in these ones both Hazel and her mom take center stage, and together they make a great team cooking really cool and delicious foods, all suitable for the times of year the games get added, and while we know that Halloween has passed, it would still be a great time to cook some Spooky Cupcakes in this great game about which we tell you everything you need to know right here, making it a blast all the way through! In the first part of the game, you are preparing the ingredients. Blend some cranberries, grate, and orange, put almonds, pistachios, and nuts in a bag and then crush them to make them into a powder. You then bake the cranberry cupcakes, using the butter, eggs, baking powder, salt, sugar, for which you use the electric blender to mix. Also add flour, vanilla extract, as well as milk. Put all of the previous ingredients you've prepared earlier together in a bowl, put the cake batter in the shapes, and then bake them in the oven for 20 seconds. In the third level, you prepare the icing with the melted butter, sugar, vanilla, and milk, which you blend, and then place with the spatula over the four colored bowls. The results will be icing in the colors orange, green, yellow, white, and brown, all of which will then go into a container. Finally, put the icing over the cupcakes, add a few specific Halloween decorations, and you will have cooked the scariest and delicious cupcakes in the world!


Use the mouse.


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