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It's time to take the mantle of one of the best superheroes in the world of Marvel Games, the one and only Captain America, as right now you get the chance to play on our website a new and awesome game such as Captain America Shield Strike, where Cap' needs your help to infiltrate the HYDRA base at the top of a mountain and use his vibranium shield to take on all of the enemies and eliminate them, because if you get rid of Hydra soldiers, you get rid of evil in the world, and that is always a good idea, don't you think? You can do it in the endless mode, where you have to defeat one enemy soldier after the other, or you can play in the story mode and advance through one stage after the other, with a little bit of storytelling as well. For that mode, there are 12 levels in total, and depending on how well you do at each, you get from one to three stars. You will be hiding behind one thing and then another, and use the mouse to target the enemies by clicking on them to hit them with the shield, and if you swipe when two are sitting next to one another, you can eliminate them at once. The number of enemies increases as you go on, and they will start shooting back at you, so be on the lookout. Also, hit the bombs if you want to take more out at one time, and when you see upgrades around, hit them to collect and then use them, so that you have more firepower to do a better job. Good luck in your amazing missions, do them all and check out what other amazing superheroes games online we have here, one more awesome than the other!


Use the mouse.


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