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If it is winter outside as well, why would we not share with you some winter games online as well, which is the reason why right now we are offering you the chance to enjoy the new and awesome game called Slalom Ski Simulator, one of the best skiing games online we have had here in a while, a game of a great quality that needed to be shared as soon as possible, knowing that lots of kids would want to do some skiing online, considering that they cannot do it in real life, for one reason or another. It's quite easy to do also, as you are going to find out right now if you read this article fully! First, choose if you want to be a girl or a boy in this game. There are a total of 12 levels, and for each of them, you are being timed to see how fast you can reach the finish line of each ski route. You move to the right when you have red slalom gates, and to the left for the blue ones, and you do it using the corresponding arrow keys. You have to get past each and every one of the gates because if you jump even one of them, you lose and have to start all over from scratch. Depending on how far you get you are going to have a certain score, and we hope it is going to be quite big. Skiing online has never been more fun than with this game, so give it a shot right now, enjoy, and stick around, since the day has just begun, and we would love for you to play more of our new and enjoyable games we work hard to share with you!


Use the arrows.


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