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We have now prepare for all of you a really special game, a game which we hope that none of you is going to miss, as it belongs to two of our most popular categories on our website, and those are the My Little Pony Games and the Pokemon Go Games. Yes, you head that right! Have you ever thought how would a combination of Pikachu and Pinkie Pie would look like? Or Rainbow Dash with an Eviee. Well, you can see how they would look right now, in this really fun game, in which you will have to capture all these poke-ponies as we like to call them, and don't worry, because we are going to show you how to do it right now, so that you will encounter no problems! Well, you are going to control a smartphone using your mouse to move it around the screen and get the creatures. Only touch those that are also showcased on the bottom of the screen, because if you touch those who are not there, you lose a life, and you have a limited number of lives. Get points for each poke-pony you get, and fill up the bar, as you can only get to the next level once you have filled the bar fully. This game does not only sound fun, but it also is, so start playing it right now, and let the fun begin!


Use the mouse.

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