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Yes, we've still got more new cooking games to share with everyone here free of charge, so for that reason we are very happy that right now we got to offer you all a game such as Unicorn Rainbow Ice Cream Cone Cooking, where you get to cook ice cream in the shape of a unicorn which is going to go on a cone and which will also have the colors and flavors of a unicorn, so you have the recipe needed not just for a cool and awesome dessert, but also for a fun time that you could be having right now and here! For the first part of the game, you go to the grocery store, where you have to buy things such as milk, water, rice, flour, sugar, cream, and baking goods, as well as some utensils needed for the preparation. Get everything in the list from the shelves, and then put them on the scanner, and finally pay and get out after placing them in the bags. For the second part of the game, the cleaning one, use the vacuum cleaner, the broom, the sprays, the sponges, and move them with the mouse over the sink, the floors, the furniture as well as the walls, cleaning everything properly so that you can then cook there is a healthy and safe environment. The cooking is not as difficult at it might seem, since you click where shown in order to mix the ingredients to create the ice cream, then the flavoring that gets added to it as well as the cream, making them in different colors so that the cone will be dressed up in the colors of the rainbow, and you don't forget to add a unicorn shape as well. This goes down in the decoration part too, where you can add toppings, sprinkles, and different accessories to make the ice-cream personalized and interesting. Enjoy!


Use the mouse.


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