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Santa Delivery is one of the best new puzzle games for Christmas that each and every one of you will now get the chance to find and play here for free, quite the interesting game, unlike most of the other games we've had in this category before, meaning that you are in for a treat, a cool new opportunity and a fresh new experience, which we have loved ourselves a lot, so that's why we brought the game over for you to also enjoy it! Santa needs to bring the gifts to the houses in each level, and he needs to do it on his sleigh, only along the way he also has to pick up some elves that have gotten lost. You're going to use the mouse to draw the path that Santa will take on the road, which is not as easy as it sounds, since the roads are going to be in the form of a maze, so you need to figure out the easiest route to take, and not just that, but if you don't pick the elves along your path, the level is not cleared. In further levels, there are going to be two or more sleighs and Santas, each with their own respective target destination, so you need to figure out a way that they do not bump into each other, but both of them get to where they need to be without a hitch. You can get up to three hints per game, so use them only when necessary, so you do not waste them. Also, you start out with the town called Snowville and its levels, but as you advance, more of them get unlocked and you get to have even more fun. Enjoy, and stick around, since we're sure that you are down for even more of our new games of the day, one cooler than the other!


Use the mouse.


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