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Our category of Io Games has now become even better since right now in it we are tremendously happy to share with everyone the new and awesome game called SnowHeroes io, one of the best new multiplayer online experiences you get to have here free of charge, a game that is not only one where you play against players all over the world which you have to try and defeat, but is also reflecting of the season that is outside, that of winter. If you could not have fun in the snow with people in the real-world that are from different countries, you all come together here, and we will tell you more about what you do right now and here, so have no worries at all. You begin by picking the language, and then you get your daily reward, so remember that if you come back daily you get these, usually in the form of coins you can spend in the shop. Move your avatar by simply moving the mouse around, click left to make a sprint, and click right to jump. Your goal is to collect globes of snow to grow bigger in size, and then you can eat up smaller players, meaning that when you are small you should be avoiding the bigger players. Eliminating other players does not only make you bigger, but you also get the chance to climb the top in the ranks. Thanks to the rewards that you win, you can buy new skins for your avatar, as well as power-ups that could help you in each multiplayer match. Good luck to you all, and don't stop here, since we would love to see you playing even more of our new and awesome games, you're going to love them!


Use the mouse.


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