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We know how much our visitors love the Gumball Games category, which is why we were very happy that right at this moment we got the chance to share with everyone here the new and exciting game called Darwin's Yearbook, a platform-adventure game featuring Darwin and Gumball through one level more fun than the last one, an experience we've loved, so if you also love these Cartoon Network characters, you will do too! The two of them have been tasked with putting together the yearbook for their high school, so this is an opportunity for adventure, as we tell you right now what it is you will be doing! You will control both Darwin and Gumball, switching between the two characters using the Z key. With the right and left arrows, you are going to move, use the up arrow to jump, and if you press the C key you can carry stuff, handle levers, or enter through the tubes. The goal you have is to reach the exit of each level, starting with Banana Joe's house, which is a location that will span multiple stages. Get through the platforms and the location, working together with the two characters in things such as stepping on the button with one character, so that the platform moves up and down for the other to jump on it, and then advancing with the second character as well. Be on the lookout for any bonus items or power-ups you might find and be helpful to you, and also make sure to take snapshots with your camera of characters from the school, but avoid the bad ones, since they migh chase you and kill your character. If one character dies, you need to restart the level from scratch. Enjoy your Gumball and Darwin adventure online right now, and if you want more games with Gumball, our website has the best of them, all free of charge!


Use the arrows, spacebar, C key.


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