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We've gotten our visitors used to finding and playing the best Boomerang Games on the internet already, so there should be no surprise at all that right in this moment we got the chance to share with you all the new and awesome game called Boomerang Winter Jigsaw Puzzle, a game that is just perfect for the cold season that we are in, where you get to solve puzzles featuring your favorite characters from Boomerang shows such as New Looney Tunes, or Scooby-Doo, all of whom are depicting doing things specific to winter such as snowboarding, having snowball fights, making snowmen, or going on their adventures, only they all have a winter theme as well as a Christmas theme, the one holiday we are most excited for. Solving the puzzles in this game is rather simple, as you take the different pieces from the right and left sides of the screen and you place them over the transparent image in the middle, placing them where it matches it, and after all of the puzzle pieces are where they belong, it means that the puzzle is solved, and you will see the complete image of the characters before you, after which you move on to the next puzzle you need to solve. As you progress, the number of pieces that the puzzles will have is going to grow bigger, so you need to work harder, but we believe that this will only make the puzzle more fun to solve! It is all as fun like that, so don't waste any time at all, start the fun right now, and don't forget that the day is far from being done, and we would love to see you playing any of the other new and interesting games we've shared with you here today!


Use the mouse.


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