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Birdwell Island is the island where Clifford and his family moved to after he had gotten too big, and now you are getting the amazing chance of exploring this paradise through a wonderful new game such as All-Around Birdwell, which is an interactive adventure game that is all about exploring, which helps you get more familiar with the new version of this show currently airing on PBS Kids, which we are sure will make Clifford The Big Red Dog even more popular than he already was. Want to start the adventure off? Then we will now tell you more about how the game works, so after you read this you should be able to handle it with no problems at all, and the experience will be both very easy and fun! You are going to click on the arrow buttons on the right and left, with which you are able to navigate the island and its town. During your travels, you are going to meet different characters from this universe, boys and girls, as well as adults with whom you can have fun. They will show you their new songs, you are going to play hide and seek, learn some poetry, maybe decorate something, or maybe they are going to just tell you how their day went. For example, when a boy asks you to hear his new songs, you help him out by clicking on the raft to simulate the sound of drums, adding the beat he needs so much for his song. Or, in another activity, you help a girl complete her seashell collection by finding some new ones in the sand and clicking on them when you do. No matter who needs help, you give them to them, and stick around, since we've got even more games with Clifford you can play here if you want, so we definitely hope you give them a chance!


Use the mouse.


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