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Well, we are back with even more original games for all of you, and the latest one we have to offer is the game called Life-Size 2 Puzzle Mania, which is based on the upcoming film Life-Size 2, the sequel to Life-Size, a game from 2000 starring Tyra Banks as a doll who comes to life to guide and have fun with a girl who lost her mother. Well, 16 years later, she is coming back to life for more adventures in a new film on Disney Channel, and because we know that many of you will watch it, we wanted to add a game based on it, which we invite you to play right now, after you learn how it works from this description. Well, you will have three puzzles to solve in this game, like it is with all puzzle mania games, and you will do that by clicking and holding on a piece to move it, as you have to put it over the transparent image where it matches it. In the first level you will only have four pieces to place, but there will be more in the second level, and in the third level also, but we don't think that is going to trouble you at all, but instead you will have more fun. Start this game right now, and let the fun begin!


Use the mouse.

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