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The girl from this game has always loved animals, especially birds, and with a fascination, for exotic birds, she thought that she would open up a pet shot aimed for such animals, a pet shop that she invites you to help with because if you play this game and help her out, there will be many clients coming to buy and adopt these wonderful pets, mostly cute and colorful parrots. Surely you must want to join her in the fun, so right now and here we tell you what are the steps you will take in Exotic Birds Pet Shop, after which you should be able to play it with ease and enjoy it a whole lot more! When you start, you have 100 coins available to use on the slot gift machine, as you can buy items with 10, 20, or 30 coins, and use up all the money to get the different types of items. What are the items for? Well, you put them up in a line and then hit the create button underneath, which is going to create a certain type of exotic bird, with different breeds being made, which you then sell at the shop. The clients come and ask for a certain bird, you give them to them quickly, so they don't get restless, make the sell and get money in return. The money you receive can then be used to buy even more items, which you can make more rare birds with, sell them until all of the birds from the list have been made and sold. It is both as simple and as fun, as you are reading here, so waste no time at all, start having fun at once, and remember to try out more of our new games of the day, because you will not regret it in the least!


Use the mouse.


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