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Smurfs love surfing, but they also love fishing or any other awesome activities that you could be doing in the water, so right now you are invited to join them in the new and awesome game called Fishing with Surfer Smurfs, where you are going to have a different experience from most fishing games, and one different from other games we've had here, as you know very well that we always look to bring you new and fresh experiences on Friv Games Today. Let's see how you go fishing with the Smurfs right now, after which you are not going to have any difficulties with the game, but enjoy it a whole lot! Instead of fishing for fish, you are actually fishing for bottles in the water, since they are not supposed to be there, and the game is meant to educate kids to take better care of the environment by not throwing trash in the water, while also having fun with it. Catch the bottles by moving to the right and left using the corresponding arrow keys, with the green bottles giving you 5 points in return, while the grey bottles giving you 10 points in return. Watch out for the bottles with a fuse on them, since they are actually hiding bombs, as catching them makes it explode and you lose the game. In order for you not to lose points, avoid Brainy Smurf, as well as the octopi in the water or the buoys. If you want to speed up you press the S key and if you want to slow down you press the D key. Surfing and cleaning the waters at the same time is a great time to be had with the Smurfs right now, so let the fun begin right away, and don't forget to play more of our other new games of the day, since we are positive you're going to love them also, since they've been added with your fun in mind!


Use the arrows.


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