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A new day means terrific new games for you to play on Friv, and we're starting off this day with the new and awesome game called Troll Boxing, a boxing game online which you play in two players, where the two boxers that the 2 players will be controlling are going to be green trolls, which is not something you get to have in all of the games here, so you should be ready for a new and interesting experience like only here you can have. Great, right? Now, let's explain to you how the game works in this following part of the article so that you can start playing it confidently in knowing what to do, which means you will be able to give it your best from the start! Each of the two players needs to choose the troll that they want to be in order to start things off. Just like in real boxing, use punching in order to attack your opponent, because you have to deplete the health bar of your rival first in order to win, while preventing them to do the same to you. The player on the left will use the Q key to put up defenses, the W key to throw a punch, while the player to the right will use the O key to throw punches and the P key to put up defenses. It is as simple as that, so good luck to everyone playing this new game, and don't stop here since we are sure that you will be interested in playing the other cool new games that we will be bringing you here today to enjoy, and it would be a real shame not to try them out!


Use the Q, W keys and the O, P keys.


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