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Our unicorn games where you care for them and dress them up in cute outfits can only be a great time to be had, which is why right now we're sharing with you all a brand new such game to enjoy, a terrific new experience with the game called Cute Little Unicorn Caring And Dressup, where all of us have had a great time from beginning to end, just like we're positive you are also going to have because that is why we've shared it with you in the first place. Everything that you will be doing with this cute unicorn will be written right here, so pay attention, and then start having fun with this game unlike you've had before! Start by making some bubbles in the bathtub where you will bathe the unicorn, wash it with the water from the showerhead, add some shampoo to its hair and wash it using the sponge. Use the soap on the unicorn's body and then rinse it all off. You then dry the unicorn using the towel as well as the blow-drier. Fix up its hair with the scissors and brush afterward. You will then create a hair dye out of fruits to dye the creature's hair, and you're done. The next part of the game consists of cooking food for the unicorn, blending the different fruits and vegetables together to create a really tasty meal, which you feed it with the spoon since the unicorn does not have the hands necessary for feeding properly. Only when you are done with that you go through the wardrobe of cute animal clothes and accessories which you mix and match to create an awesome look for the animal, and finally, decorate the room it is living in to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Start the fun right now and here, and don't leave, since we're sure you will be up for even more of our awesome new games of the day!


Use the mouse.


Cute Little Unicorn Caring And Dressup Walkthrough

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