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Zombie adventure games that can be played by two players at the same time can only mean a great time for the 2 players to have, which is why we are definitely excited that right now we had the chance to share with you all on our website the new and awesome game of the day, a great game called Zombits Trouble, which all of us in the administrative team loved playing from start to finish, so we have no doubt at all that you're going to enjoy it plenty too! Because you can't really tell from the title what you have to do, we will now explain it to you, so that playing the game is not going to be in the least difficult! Firstly, know that this game has an 8bit style of graphics, just like classic mobile console games so many of us used to enjoy in the past. To move with player 1 you use the A and D keys, while the S key is used for attacking. Player two moves using the right and left arrow keys, and with the down one, they attack. If you want to open up a door, attack while touching it, and attack items in the shop if you want to buy them. The two players need to work together to face off all the zombies they encounter and destroy them, making sure to attack them and not die, because you both have three lives in total, lives you share, so losing them all means losing the game. Grab as many coins from your travels as possible, since they will become very useful, and don't hesitate to grab any power-ups or useful items you find, they will help you inflict greater damage! Start your travels in the world of zombies with these two princesses you control, work together, and have fun like only here is possible to have!


Use the a, d, s keys and the arrows.


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