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There is always a great time to be had when it comes to games in two players, which is the reason why right now we're sharing a brand new one with you all, a great new addition to this already really fun category of our website, a game called Go Rockets, which is also one of the latest rocket games from our website, so you have two elements that you should be excited for, even more so since there are not that many 2 players rockets games out there anyway. Now, in case you want to learn what it is you will be doing, as well as the manner you do it, right now and here we explain how the game works, making it easy for you to give it your very best from the get-go! You and your friend are both controlling a rocket as they are storming through space, one having a red rocket and the other one having a green rocket. Of course, the contest is to see which one of you makes the bigger distance, as you are avoiding the meteors and rocks in space, as well as trying to collect gold cogs in order to increase your score. As you progress you will notice that your speed is going to increase step by step, which means it becomes more difficult to avoid obstacles, so try hard to be focused. One player will be using the up arrow key while the other one will use the W key to control their rockets. It is as simple and as fun as that, so let the space exploring fun begin right away, and stick around, since we have prepared many more new and interesting games for you to play today, and it would be a shame if you were to miss out on even one of them, that you can believe us!


Use the up arrow and W key.


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