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Mini Blocks is a brand new platform-adventure game combined with skill games, a great arcade-style game in a retro look which is going to be quite interesting and quite different from everything else you have played here before, and because we've found it to be unique, interesting, and fun, we knew that sharing it with everyone here was what we had to do, and since we loved playing it so much, we are confident you are going to as well! From this following part of the article, you learn all you need to know about how it works, after which playing the game should not be difficult in the least! You are going to have a squishy block in the color blue, in a whole blue world comprised out of blocks, and in each level, you need to reach and enter the door in order to pass to the next one, and so forth until you have cleared all of the thirty levels of the game. The block is going to move in the direction you are pointing your mouse towards and to make it move and jump you click on the screen, clicking twice in order to double jump, and holding if you want to jump even higher. Move around and get past all of the obstacles and blocks in your path by jumping, reach the door and advance to the next level, clearing all of them no matter how difficult they might seem. Enjoy, have a great time right now and here, and don't forget that this just one of the many new and awesome games of the day, and we would certainly love if you were to play even more of them since we've added one awesome game after the other!


Use the mouse.


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