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The Smurfs Games has been a category in which all sorts of games had been added up to this point, and all of them had been received very well by our visitors, so we are highly confident that the same is also going to be true right now for the game called The Smurfs Spot the Difference, especially since differences games with these characters had not been added here before, meaning that you are in for anew and interesting experience, just like you always have with all the new games provided by our team. Let’s explain the game’s format so that those who are not used to playing differences spotting games can give their best at this game from the get-go! Between the image on the left and that on the right, which might seem identical, there are actually seven different things that you have to spot, and upon doing so you click on them, and you gain 25 points in return for each. Once all seven have been found and clicked on, the level is done with. Try not to click where there is nothing different, because doing so is going to cause you 25 points instead, which get taken out of your score, and we’re positive you don’t want it to decrease too much, right? It is as simple as that, so now that you know, let the fun begin, and don’t forget checking out more Smurfs Games on our website since we’ve created a category filled with amazing such games for you all!


Use the mouse.


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