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There have already been two mini-games added these past few days on our website, and having seen how well they were received, we were positive that bringing you a new and third game in the series was the right idea, so we are happy that right now and here we get to share with everyone the game called Mini Push, which is similar to the other two, but brings a whole bunch of new ideas and a different gameplay, so get yourselves ready for a fresh experience with an arcade, platform, and adventure game mixed with puzzle games like no other! Don't worry, since right now we teach you the game's format and gameplay, so after reading this you will be ready to give it your best and have a whole lot of fun! The main goal you have is to get the orange blob moving left and right by itself to reach the coin at the end of each level, with different stages having been made, that have interesting shapes. There will be blocks that are in the way of the blob, but when you click on the screen you make the blocks disappear or appear. That is because in some the blocks are solid, but some of them are see-through, and whenever you click on the screen you make them alternate between one state to the other, so use this change-up to advance to the coin, because at that point you will have cleared the level. What is there for you to wait for? Now you know what to do, so give the game your best, and don't forget that no matter how difficult a level might get, if you give it your best you will be able to pass it! Enjoy, and leave nowhere, since the day has more fun games in store, and it would be a shame to miss out on any of them, believe us!


Use the mouse.


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