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Ice slushies are great on a really hot day, and making one can also be quite a fun activity, which is what you get to do with the cooking, cleaning, and decorating game all in one right now, where all of you are getting the chance to play the new and awesome game called Ice Slush Rainbow Maker, where you are going to help the girl character create a rainbow slushie, with lots of delicious flavors, which we have no doubt at all that you will all really love slurping on. In case you want to know how the game works, reading this following part of the article is what you need to do, so read it, and then give the game all that you have best! For the first part of the game, you go to the supermarket, where you buy the different fruits and vegetables you will use, cooking tools, as well as ingredients like rice, sugar, juices, and more. Just click on the shown items, place them in the bag, and then pay them at the counter. The making of the treatment needs to be done in a clean environment, so use the different cleaning products made available to you to clean up the place as squeaky-clean as can be by following the on-screen instructions on how to use them. You only then start cooking, where you follow the recipe to blend the fruits and vegetables and make the juice be as delicious as possible. It also needs to look good, not just taste great, so decorate it properly with the different cooking accessories given to you. Enjoy, have fun, and don't stop, since we're sure that you are going to love any of the other games still to come here, one more awesome than the other!


Use the mouse.


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