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We don't currently have a category of music games, but music requires skill, so Guitar Hero is one of the newest skill games online that all of you are getting the chance of experiencing here for free, a game inspired by the original application that used to be very popular, and still is, really, and a series of games that all fans of music are loving. You don't have to be a real guitar player in order to do great at this game and enjoy it, and even more so, it will actually improve your skills in listening and reading music, so you really have all the reasons to try it out right now and enjoy it! Care to learn how it works before you start playing? Then all you need to do is read this article to the end, and then give the game all that you have best, the fun will follow! You have three chords, each of them represented by a color, on which the colors are going to drop from the top of the screen, and when they reach the icons down, press their corresponding arrow keys at the right time. For purple, you press left, for green, you press down, and for blue you press right. The timing needs to be done as well as possible in order to hit the notes at the right time because if you make a mistake three times, you are going to lose the game, and we are positive that this is not something that you want happening, right? Instead, try to get to the end of the song by playing it right, and have fun like only here is possible, where fun never stops!


Use the arrows.


Guitar Hero Walkthrough

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