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Coloring games are really fun, and they can be even more fun when you play coloring games with dinosaurs, which is why we are excited that right now we got to share with you all a new and awesome game such as Ice Age Funny Dinosaurs Coloring Book, where the dinosaurs you are going to color come from the Ice Age, and even more so, they are funny looking, making the game even more interesting, so we have a feeling that you will be up for it, and you're going to really love it, just like we've had. Now, we will be using the following part of the article to teach you what to do as well as how, so read it fully, and then give the game everything you have best! There will be five dinosaurs that you are able to color, one more interesting than the other, all of different species, meaning they have different looks, as well as sizes. After picking the dinosaur that you want to color, start doing so. How? Well, it is easier than you would think. Click on the colors from the panel to the right, and then click on the dinosaur where you want that color to appear, and it is going to appear instantly. Of course, you can always pick a new color and apply it over it. Have fun being creative and coloring the dinosaurs, and don't stop here, since it would be a real joy for us to have you play even more of our new games of the day since we are offering you one awesome one after the other!


Use the mouse.


Ice Age Funny Dinosaurs Coloring Book Walkthrough

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