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On you now get the chance to play the game called Moon Beast Brawl, which is the latest game that we have added into the Kubo and the Two Strings Games category, as we are the only website currently offering these great games, which we are sure that many of you want to play, since this film is currently showing in cinemas, and being watched by a great number of children. Well, now you get the chance to play with Kubo and go on adventures with him, just like in this game, a cool action game where you will help him face the Moon Beast, which has to be defeated! Don't worry, because we are going to explain how the game works right now. To move to the left, you tap the screen on the left or press the left arrow key, and to move to the right you will tap on the right side of the screen, or press the right arrow key. Then, you will jump using the up arrow key, or again, by tapping the screen on the top side. When the moon beast is in front of you, press the up, right, or left keys, or tap in those parts, in order to attack it with your sword. Collect armor along the way in order to gain health, because when you lose all your health, you will also lose the game. Good luck to you all!


Use the right, left, and up arrow keys.

Moon Beast Brawl Walkthrough

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