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Common Feature is a puzzle game with playing cards, unlike anything that you’ve ever played before on our website, a fresh and interesting new experience that we would definitely recommend for everyone because that is why we’ve decided to share it with you all and offer you the chance to have this much fun with it. Because we’ve already played it, allow us to use this article to teach you what to do as well as how, so when you finish reading this, you should have the basics on how to play, so giving it your best will start from the start! You have a playing card on the left, with different items on it, and it needs to be linked with others, but all the cards that are adjacent to each other need to have an element in common, whether we are talking about the shapes you have on the cards, or the colors. Arrange the cards in the empty spots in such a way that those with common features link with one another to clear the level, or otherwise, you will be asked to replace them and try another way. Good luck to everyone, and we hope that, if you are a first-time visitor to our website, you are going to stick around and see what other amazing games we have, put into hundreds of great categories.


Use the mouse.


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