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Spongebob Games is one of our favorite categories here, which is why new and interesting content gets brought over to it all the time, just like it is happening right now when we are delighted to share with you the new and fantastic game called Spongebob Word Blocks, a new educational game with words offered by Friv and Nickelodeon, which aims to teach children about how to make words and write them in a fun and awesome way, together with some of their favorite characters. It does sound great, no? Well, in case you've not played any of our previous words games like this one, have no stress about it, since this following part of the article teaches you what you have to do and how, and playing this game after that should be no problem at all. In a Tetris-like board, you have letters in blocks, which can come in different shapes, and you have to identify the letters that make up a word, and are not just random. When you find one of the words, click on its first letter, and then drag the mouse over to the other letters in the word, until you finish it, after which the word will be marked and the blocks with the letters of it removed. You have to do this to find all the words and remove their blocks because only then you advance to the next level. With each new level that you play, there are going to be more words for you to find, but that will also make it more fun, trust us on that! Now, since you know what to do, you should not be holding back from playing this awesome new game right now, only here, where we hope to see you playing even more of our great games since there are coming, believe us!


Use the mouse.


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