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We love flying games, especially when we get to fly planes and flying machines that are not the regular kind, even more so if they would not exist in real life, which is why we are definitely excited that right now we could share with you all the new and awesome game called HexGL, where you are going to drive such a futuristic and interesting aircraft, in an exciting and thrilling game from start to finish, something we know from our own experience with it. In case you want to know how this game works, have no worries at all, since this following part of the article gives you the details you need. You steer left and right using the corresponding arrow keys, accelerate using the up arrow, and A, D for air breaks. You are going to fly your aircraft on an amazing course in the sky, through huge buildings, with lots of turns for you to make, so try not to crash your plane too many times, because if you do it too much, you lose and have to start the game all over again. Try to go as further as possible, since your performance is represented by the distance you make, and also, when you find speed boosts on the track, go through them in order to get even faster, because having more speed is going to help you get further, obviously. What are you waiting for, then? Let the fun start right now and here, like only here you can have it, and don't forget that this day is filled with amazing games for you to enjoy, so stick around and catch those around too!


Use the arrows.


HexGL Walkthrough

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