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As you can clearly see, the Team Umizoomi Games category of our website still has plenty to offer, despite the fact that the show has been around for so many years now, and we are always tremendously excited when new and interesting games get added for you all here, games like the one that you are about to play right at this moment, a new and awesome game such as Super Shape Carnival Puzzles, which is a puzzle game both fun and educational, whose purpose is to teach small children more about shapes, since that is an important bit of knowledge they need to have in their lives. Of course, they learn through fun puzzles that they are going to solve during a carnival so that they are not going to get bored in the least. Of course, we are going to provide you with a small guide of the game right now and here, so playing it should be a piece of cake for everyone trying it! For Geo, you have a puzzle that you need to solve which is in the shape of a rocket, Milli has one in the form of a boat, and Bot's puzzle is a clown. On the right of each puzzle model, there are going to be shaped, such as squares, rectangles, circles, or triangles, and you have to take the shapes and put them over the figures where they match it, and through this method build each of the three items we said earlier, which will make your time at the fair a really amazing one! Now, since you have learned what the game is about and how it works, nothing should be holding you back from starting it right now, enjoying yourself, and hopefully, you don't stop here, but give a chance to the many other new and interesting games that we still have in store for you all here today, one better than the other!


Use the mouse.


Super Shape Carnival Puzzles Walkthrough

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