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We hope you did not think we were done with the Happy Tree Friends Games category, since that is far from being true, as right at this moment we are excited to be sharing with you all the latest game from this category, a game entitled Flippy Attack, probably the first game in the series to focus on this character, who is angry and is firing bullets at Cuddles, whom you need to help avoid their shot and survive for as long as possible. It is a great skill game that tests your survival skills, and in this following part of the article, we teach you exactly what to do and how, so when you finish reading this, playing the game should not be a problem in the least! Flippy attacks from the top and you have to use the right and left arrows to move, the up one to jump, in order to avoid all of the shots fired at you, or enough of them so that you do not die, because if you fall to the ground, you lose and have to start all over again. The more that you survive, the bigger your score becomes, and we really hope that you are aiming for a really big one! In the end, of course, we would like to wish you all good luck in playing this game, and we really hope that you do not stop here, but that you give a chance to more of our amazing new games of the day, since a bunch of awesome ones is in store for you, all of which we would hate for you to miss out on!


Use the mouse.


Flippy Attack Walkthrough

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