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We have now brought forward to you all the first-ever game added into the Pup Academy Games category, the newest category of games that we have created for our website, one for which we are very excited, as we are for each new series we create since it means the opportunity to share with you a whole new range of games, and since this new show with puppies is expected to become a hit all over the world, we have a feeling that games with Pup Academy are going to be sticking around for a long time. Now, the first game this category has had is entitled Pup Academy Scene Maker, where you obviously have the chance of creating your own scene with the characters and settings from this show. You decorate the scene using the buttons down below, with which you switch the background, having options like a classroom, the magical hydrants, the lockers, or others. Pick the dogs you want in the scene and place them wherever you want to, add dialogue bubbles to them, so that you know what they say or think, and you can even add stickers and a background song to play. Play around with these options as much as you would want to until you create the scene that your imagination likes the most, surely resulting in an awesome experience for everyone. Now, since you have learned how the game works and how fun it is, nothing should be holding you back from starting to play it right away, giving it your best, and hope you stick around for even more of them since we promise to keep on having them come!


Use the mouse.


Pup Academy Scene Maker Walkthrough

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