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Today we're once again returning to the Look Kool Games category, in which we still have plenty of new and interesting content to share with you, as we've just started with it, so we are delighted that right in this instant we get to share with you the new and awesome game called Koolkat On The Go, where you join this robot cat on adventures that are meant to tease your brain, as well as field trips, as this game has not one, but four mini-games waiting for you to give them a chance. Do you want to know more about it? We'll give you all the details here and now, so don't worry, you will be doing just fine! One of the games is called The Frog Puzzle. In it, use the mouse to make the frogs hop around, having to make them hop on the water flowers that have the same color as their skin, and only when they are all on their designated colors will you have cleared the game. In Out To Pasture, you have to use the mouse to place the bulls on the pasture, placing them in such a way that they are not seeing each other, because if that happens you lose and have to start all over again. In River Crossing, take each doll and character, place them in the boat, and do the logical moves to help them cross it until everyone is on the other side. Stack'Em'Up is a stacking game with discs and other kinds of items that need to be placed on top of one another in the right order. All four mini puzzle games have their own awesome traits, so start this game right now, enjoy it to the fullest, and don't stop, since we hope to see you here some more!


Use the mouse.


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