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Accidents and injuries happen a lot during sporting events, with the same being true of football, or soccer, as some of you might know it, which is why emergency doctors are standing by at matches, always ready to help the injured players, a role that you get the chance to play in this awesome new game of our website, a game called ER Soccer, where a player has been injured during a match, so you will be healing him through medical procedures. Sounds great, right? Well, it is, and we teach you all about how the game works right now and here, so reading this to the end is something we hope you do before you start playing! Start by undressing the player, washi him with water, the sponge, and then rinse him off, after you dry him with a towel. Put cold meat on his swollen eye to clear it, and use the mouse to shoot the birds around his head, and put a pack on his head injury. Heal his leg injuries by swiping and removing the bacteria, and then put on stickers to heal the wounds. After spraying his legs you massage them so that you reduce the swelling in them, you put the lotion in his hair, and then brush and arrange it. For the third and final part of the game, now that the player is healed, use the panel on the right to dress him up, picking cool new outfits, shoes, and accessories, and we are sure all his fans will be glad to see him cool and healthy! Enjoy this game right now, and don't stop here, since we've got even more great games coming for you, none of which we hope you will be missing out on!


Use the mouse.


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