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It's always good to be a fan of tractor games if you are a visitor to our website since we are proud to say that we have one of the best ever categories dedicated to this type of game, so there is no doubt in our minds that you are really going to love this one as well, since Tractor Trial belongs to a series of games we've had in the past here, and since those have been received quite well, there is no doubt in our minds that this one is going to as well. You don't need to have played tractor trial games here before to know how this one works, especially since we will now use this following part of the article to teach you what to do, so playing this game will not be a hassle in the least. You are going to use the arrow keys to drive and balance the tractor. The goal you have is to drive it through the hills and slopes of each level, getting past any obstacles you have, and reaching the finish line in time as quickly as possible. Also, make sure not to crash your tractor too much, because if the health bar completely depletes, you explode, lose, and then are forced to start the game all over again. We want to wish each and every one of you a great time with this awesome new game, and we are inviting you to see what other great games with tractors we have here because we have a hunch you are going to love those a great deal too!


Use the arrows.


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