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The Teen Titans Go episode titled '40%, 40%, 20%' featured one of the most epic songs to ever be featured in this show, a song called The Night Begins to Shine, which is also the name that this game received, as it is based on the episode. Well, this song becomes Cyborg's favorite, and in this episode, he rides his motorcycle, which is exactly what you will be able to do with him in this game, and we are sure that fans of motorcycle games are going to be very happy for this game, just like Teen Titans Go fans! We will explain what you have to do right now, so keep reading if you want to play the game at your best! Well, to control Cyborg on his bike, the only two controls you need are going to be the up arrow key, with which you are going to jump, and the right arrow key, with which you get a lot of speed, and can cruise past enemies. If you don't use it when you are in front of one, you will crash and have to start over. Reach the end of the track and collect as many cassetes as possible, to score points. You only have three tries, so try not to crash. We wish you all good luck, and hope that you will start the game right now!


Use the arrow keys.

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i loooovvvveeeeee it❤❤❤

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hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiand are you trying to sing??? because it's bad

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i say you dance in the corner i cot your name in soven playing hard to get i can't under stand when i look at you i see a story in your eye.

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HHHHHIIIIIIII do any one go to sound cloud and follow me my name is gene$i$ pott$

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