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The first game to be added into the Odd Squad Games category, which is the most recent one that we have created for all of you on our website, is a game called Odd Squad Puzzle, which is the first of many fun puzzle games that you will get the chance to play on our website. Games like these fit best into this category, as it is one which focuses on math and logic, and puzzle games are nothing but not logic, right? Well, we want you to have a good time solving this puzzle, which is why the following part of the description is going to be dedicated to explaining how the game works, so pay attention if you want to win the game easily. The jigsaw puzzle is going to have 40 pieces, but because when you start the game the puzzle is already solved, you need to press the Mezclar button to have those 40 pieces on the screen shuffled around in a random order. It is only after that that you can use the mouse to move the pieces and put them together until you complete the puzzle and it looks just like when you started the game. We don't think you will have any problems, so start this game right now, and enjoy!


Use the mouse.

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