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Well, if you missed the Big Hero 6, one of the best animated team of super heroes ever, then you are lucky, because the final new game of the day on is the game that we are offering all of you right now, a game called Baymax Vs Alien, where you are going to have a lot of fun with Baymax, who, once again, is tasked with protecting the Earth from an alien threat. While he belives that he is capable of the job, he is still asking you for your help, because that way he thinks that the threat is going to be dealt with faster, and that you both will have a lot of fun together. Find out what you have to do right now, and then start the game! You are going to use the A, D keys to move, J to shoot, K to fly, and L to change shield. Collect as many coins as you can on your way, and shoot all the aliens in your path. You only have three lives, so make sure they don't touch you, so you don't lose the lives. You will have multiple planets where you will fight aliens, and you can use the shop to buy upgrades for Baymax, using the coins you collected along the way. Start the game right now, and have fun!


Use the A,D keys for moving, J to shoot, K to fly, L to change the shield.

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