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Only on can you find the most awesome and new The Lion Guard Games on the internet, which is the category of today's first game, a game called The Lion Guard To the Rescue, where you are going to have unlimited ammounts of fun, just like you do with all the games from this wonderful Disney Junior Games category. In this game, as you can see in it's image, the members of the Lion Guard have lost their colour, so you are going to save them and bring it back, and in the next part of the description we will teach you how to do it, so that you encounter no problems whatsoever. You will unlock each character at a time, and for each of them you have to win four mini-games. In the first one, you need to click on the character highlitghted once he comes out of his hiding place. Then you need to memorize the sequence of the animals, play a difference game between two pictures of the animal you will unlock, and last but not least click on the squares in order to rotate them, to complete the road between the two points. For the next character, you will do the same things, only at a higher level of difficulty. Start this game right now, and have fun!


Use the mouse.

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